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Casserole Baskets hold perfectly a typical 13 x 9 x 2" sheet cake or casserole dish. The plywood bottom and handles make them ideal for transporting to covered dish dinners, or just to the table for serving. Our Casserole Baskets come in two material/construction styles: Woven 1/4" reed, which can be either plain or have dyed accent colors added, as shown; or, narrow braided SeaGrass.

Baskets created using Sea Grass exclusively are not available for adding color options to the basket. Reed Baskets on this page are available in HUNTER GREEN and CRANBERRY (shown),NAVY BLUE and HUNTER GREEN, or NAVY BLUE and CRANBERRY. If you prefer a single color instead of the two color combination shown, your options are: HUNTER GREEN, CRANBERRY, PORT WINE (deep Cranberry) or NAVY BLUE; or, the basket can be purchased in all natural (undyed) reed.

Image-navy blue accent Image-red accent Image-blue accent Image-wine accent Image-green accent
Casserole baskets with Seagrass and plywood base


Seagrass Casserole Basket w/plywood bottom

No Accent

17L x 12W x 4D x 8H


Casserole Basket with accent and plywood base


Casserole Basket with Plywood Bottom

Cranberry and Green accent

17L x 12W x 4D x 8H


Practical Uses

Some practical uses for our Casserole Baskets: Holding cloth-napkin wrapped silverware for a buffet table; bread or rolls on a buffet or picnic table; transporting cupcakes; gift baskets for your baked or canned goods. See some ideas we have for gift baskets below the photos, perhaps these will inspire some of your own creativity to make the 'perfect gift basket' or visit our Gift Basket page for more ideas.

Gift Basket ideas:

Our Casserole Baskets, with their narrow depth and long length, make them perfect for gift-giving. Make a bed with shredded colored paper (purchased anywhere gift wrap is sold):

  • add an assortment of cheeses, a roll of summer sausage, artisan rolls or gourmet crackers, and a bottle of wine; or,
  • add locally grown honey, jams/jellies, relishes or salsa with a package of gourmet crackers; or,
  • pick up an antique coffee cup and saucer, add a gourmet coffee blend, a variety of exotic packets of tea, some packages of raw sugar (purchase where sugar is sold), and chocolate filled wafer cookies (these are tall, come in a can found on the grocery shelf where cookies are) or chocolate coated spoon for stirring.
  • 'Bath Basket' with a loofa, shower gel, bubble bath or salts, body lotion, a bar of organic handmade soap, and a pair of aloe and shea butter infused spa socks.
  • 'Sick Friend Basket' with a handmade mug, tissues, cough drops, and a jar of dried mushroom and wild rice soup (recipe can be found on Gift Basket page)
  • 'Anniversary Basket' with a bottle of wine, two long stem crystal wine glasses, a lightly scented candle, some cheese and gourmet crackers; you can also add a gift card to their favorite restaurant.
  • 'New Baby Basket' with powder, lotion, a bib or burping cloth, a rattle, and perhaps a gift certificate for a local diaper service or a favorite store for stocking up on nursery necessities.
  • 'Baby Bath Basket' extra soft and fluffy washcloth, a terry hooded towel, shampoo, bar of baby or gentle handmade organic soap, and every new mom's must have after-bath accessory for a cranky baby--calming herbs mixed with warm oil for a gentle massage (Amish mid-wife's recipe for this on the Gift Basket page)
  • 'Valentine Basket' with a bottle of dessert wine, brandy, or a favorite liquer, two crystal snifters, a variety of individually wrapped truffles, chocolate covered cherries, etc.
  • 'Single Girls Survival Basket' with a 'girlie weight hammer', one of those nifty screwdrivers with a half dozen different heads stored in the handle, picture hanging kits, curtain rod mounting hardware in single and double rod styles, and a gift card to a home improvement or hardware store.
  • 'Brides Basket' with some lovely Thank You note cards/envelopes, a fancy pen with her new initials engraved on it, a book of stamps, address labels or those pretty 'new address' cards, and an address book. (The address book can be passed around at showers and the reception for everyone to write their address and telephone number, a nice keepsake of your wedding guests and a great way to keep track of family and friends).

Finish off your goodies by tying a pretty narrow satin ribbon or raffia around each item in the Casserole Basket; wrap the basket with colored gift basket wrap and tie with a big bow in raffia or the narrow satin you used for tying the individual gifts. After enjoying your food selections, the recipient has a useful and attractive casserole basket for their table.

For more gift basket ideas, please visit Gift Baskets Page.